Scottish Ninjas Season Two Mini Prequels!

Scottish Ninjas season 2 begins in a few short weeks with their newest adventure titled “Judge. Jury. Executioner!”. But until then, enjoy these mini prequels leading up to the new story!

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Scottish Ninjas™ At Emerald City ComiCon!

That’s right boys and girls! The creators of Scottish Ninjas will be at this year’s Emerald City ComiCon!  We’ll be wandering around the convention center in our kilts & Scottish Ninjas t-shirts, all while passing out Scottish Ninjas post cards.  Mail them back for a chance to win the pilot episode on DVD and a Scottish Ninjas t-shirt of your very own!

So if you see us, walk up and say hi!  Hell, we may even play the pilot episode for you right there on the spot!

posted by Beau in News and have Comments Off! is now the official web address for all Scottish Ninjas™ videos!  No more youtube slash this ‘n slash that.  No more with the OJ Simpson style of web addresses.  Now all you need is to go directly to our YouTube channel.

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Behind The Animation!

There has been a HUGE demand by the public for content regarding the making of Scottish Ninjas™ and the dynamics here at Sly Studios.  So we took the last of our budget (approx. $15) and hired a pair of homeless men to document the creative process.  So without further to do, we are proud to announce a new documentary series we like to call,  “Sly Studios: Behind The Animation”.


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