Scottish Ninjas Season Two Mini Prequels!

Scottish Ninjas season 2 begins in a few short weeks with their newest adventure titled “Judge. Jury. Executioner!”. But until then, enjoy these mini prequels leading up to the new story!

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Say Hello To Aidan!


Aidan has the spirit of the bear.  He is big and fierce, yet gentle and stoic.  In the heat of battle, he will tear through his enemies like a wild grizzly.  He’s the unofficial leader of the Scottish Ninja clan, and he works hard to keep unity among the trio of brothers.  Aidan believes strongly in honor, family, and any beer except for McEwans Scotch Ale…oh, and defeating evil.  He also believes in pleasing his adopted father, the Drunken Master.  His brothers think him a fool, since their adopted father is so critical, grumpy, and hard to please.  But this doesn’t stop Aidan from trying.  Because, after all, you must always respect your master…it’s the ancient way.

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