“The most famous haggis-eating, whisky-swilling, crime-fighting team on YouTube.”


“Booze, Balls and Blood!”

“Think Rab C Nesbit crossed with the most goriest version of Kung Fu Panda. Ever! And you’re beginning to grasp the thinking behind the most original internet idea to appeal directly to young men on-line and not involving titillation of girls in underwear sliding off the bonnets of Supercars.”

“An incredibly compelling ethnic and cultural combination ripe for exploitation in some form of entertainment, which you wish you thought of before Rob Mullin and Beau Obremski of Sly Studios did.”

“What do you get when you mix two Kirkland guys, samurai swords, kilts, guns, one “stoner” and alcohol? An adult cartoon – and that is not a joke.

“They’re proud, they’re strong, and they’re Scottish!”

“US Ready For Kilt Bill”

“Being the only ones in kilts, we got instant recognition. It was great marketing for both our toon and Utilikilt.”

“The Scottish Ninjas Invasion!”

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