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All New Scottish Ninjas Moves To Saturday Mornings!

Grab your favorite bowl of cereal and don’t bother changing out of your favorite PJ’s because Scottish Ninjas has moved to Saturday mornings! Start your weekend morning right with a healthy dose of Booze, Balls and Blood!

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Scottish Ninjas is Getting Geekier!

Scottish ninjas will be competing for a “2013 Geekie Award” in the web series category with Season 1 – “Welcome to America”

The Geekie Awards present the best indie-created, high production value, awe-inspiring geek-genre content, art, products and experiences in the world.

Geekie Award ScreenshotThe geekie awards never found one show that covered all of the multifaceted talents, and often the world didn’t take their work seriously because it was “geeky”. So they created their own show to give indie “geekmakers” a place to shine and be seen by leaders and experts in their respective industries.

The Geekie Award’s goal was to create an impact on mainstream media, putting the true geek culture in the spotlight as a collection of valid award-winning genres for storytelling and creation.

Be sure to take the time and head to and check out all the amazing Geekie entries!

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We’ll Be At Emerald City Comicon!

The Scottish Ninjas will be at this year’s Emerald City Comicon! March 1-3! Booth D-06!

Watch this video for more details, as well as how YOU can win an ORIGINAL drawing…not to mention a super sneak peek at some animation from the new episode currently in production!

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THE FINAL 4! Last Week Of Our KickStarter!

We have less than a week left and we’re mixing things up!

First off, we’ve added a bonus item to the $50 level!  So for anyone who pledges, has pledged, or upgrades to $50 will get a  limited edition Kilt-fu whisky dojo patch!  A perfect addition to any article of clothing, bag or martial arts gi!

Next up, we’ve added a bonus party pledge! At the $110 level, you get you get an exclusive invite to the Scottish Ninja “Seattle Ceilidh of DOOM!” You get two tickets to attend a party at a super secret location where you’ll enjoy an evening of our favorite “B” movies, drinks, snacks, exclusive give aways, and no shortage of smart ass comments by your glorious hosts, the creators of Scottish Ninjas! So if you’ve already pledged $100, for $10 more you get to party with the creators! And of course if you’ve already pledged over $110 you are on the guest list!

But that’s not all! We’ve also now included the Celtana blade replica sword into the $2000 “character likeness & voice over” pledge! So not only do you get to be the voice of your own animated character, but you get a replica sword while doing it!

And lastly, we’ve added another product placement pledge level. It’s similar to our $5000 ultra product placement level, but half the price. Rather than have placement in our animated series, you get your product in our supplementary videos which air on the weeks between new animation as well as ads on our homepage!


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Creator Chat!: Premiere & Vidcon

Scottish Ninjas creators, Beau & Rob, share some news regarding the premiere of minisode #1, their appearance at Vidcon, kickstarter and a special tweet up, in, & out taking place June 29th!

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