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The Executioner Model Sheet

A 360 degree view of EVIL!

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A Moment With A Scottish Ninja – The Executioner

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Say Hello To The Executioner!

Chuckles Hexson was a once famous actor staring in such block buster classics as “Burning Building” and “Monkey Planet Gone Calypso”.  Now he is a wealthy, old hermit obsessed with guns.  He considers all his guns to be his mistresses and has given each a name and personality.  Now calling himself “The Executioner”, he plans to rid the world of the weak and unrighteous, whom he literally sees as apes.  But don’t let his madness fool you.  He is a very cunning warrior and will use all sorts of tricks to avoid the law, such as his fame and wealth, or faking Alzheimer’s.

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Behind The Animation!

There has been a HUGE demand by the public for content regarding the making of Scottish Ninjas™ and the dynamics here at Sly Studios.  So we took the last of our budget (approx. $15) and hired a pair of homeless men to document the creative process.  So without further to do, we are proud to announce a new documentary series we like to call,  “Sly Studios: Behind The Animation”.


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Background Art

Scottish Ninjas™ images and all related characters are trademarks of and © Sly Studios, LLC.

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