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Behind The Animation #2

We are proud to bring you another installment in the documentary series, “Sly Studios: Behind The Animation”. With the last $5 of our production budget, we purchased a subway foot long and bribed a pair of homeless men to film the behind the scenes shenanigans at Sly Studios. We clearly got what we paid for when it comes to the production values, but the moments they captured are truly priceless.

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Background Art

Scottish Ninjas™ images and all related characters are trademarks of and © Sly Studios, LLC.

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The Pilot Is Done!

After much hard work, the fruits of our loins labor has paid off!  Behold the glorious Scottish Ninjas™ pilot episode dvd, hot off the press!

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Evil Ninja Model Sheet

The angular, beady eyes suggest pure evil. The black clothing shows a fondness for the shadows. And the football shaped head suggests…well…they’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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A Moment With A Scottish Ninja – Evil Ninja

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