Say Hello To An Evil Ninja!

When it comes to evil ninjas, there seems to be an endless supply.  Quantity over quality is the theme with this bunch.  While they are not the sharpest knife in the drawer, they are decent fighters and have the ability to show up at the most inconvenient times.  What they lack in skill and durability, they make up for in sheer volume.

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Say Hello To The Executioner!

Chuckles Hexson was a once famous actor staring in such block buster classics as “Burning Building” and “Monkey Planet Gone Calypso”.  Now he is a wealthy, old hermit obsessed with guns.  He considers all his guns to be his mistresses and has given each a name and personality.  Now calling himself “The Executioner”, he plans to rid the world of the weak and unrighteous, whom he literally sees as apes.  But don’t let his madness fool you.  He is a very cunning warrior and will use all sorts of tricks to avoid the law, such as his fame and wealth, or faking Alzheimer’s.

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Say Hello To Dave!…Stoner Dave

Stoner Dave, as he is known, is exactly as the name implies.  He is also the roommate of the Scottish Ninjas.  Even though he has a job as a bike messenger, he rarely seems to be at it.  Most of his day is spent watching TV, while eating Cheez-Toes.  Due to his foggy condition, he is oblivious to the world around him.  He has no idea that his roommates are ninjas, or even that they are Scottish!  He is blissfully unaware of the danger that his roommate’s line of work might put him in.

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Say Hello To Lachlan!


Lachlan has the spirit of the monkey. He is agile and cunning.  He is a trickster and the master of breaking tension with the use of a joke. But only a Scotsman would most likely get the joke thanks to Lachlan’s extra thick accent. He may be the smallest of the group, but he is the most fearless. No danger is too big. If Lachlan is not on your side, you better keep close eye on him as he’ll dance circles around you before even have chance to strike. Lachlan never hesitates and is always three moves ahead of you. This fearless attitude makes him a real ladies man. The women love him almost as much as he loves Irn-Bru and Vodka (better known as “Muscle-Man”). But the fearless ones can also be the first to die.

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Say Hello To Finn!

Finn Action Pose!

Finn has the spirit of the badger.  He is fierce and hot tempered, a quality that comes in handy during battle, but outside of that, it is more of an annoyance.  Finn enjoys a nice well-balanced three-course meal of whiskey, whiskey, and whiskey.  He also enjoys the sweet sound of bagpipes on a misty morning. Finn is very vocal about his opinions and isn’t worried about being rude.  He can be a best friend, or a worse enemy. Once scorned, he never forgives or forgets.  Finn can’t stand the inhumanity of man nor evil ninjas that bleed on his kilt.

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