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Scottish Ninjas™: Ambassadors Of Irn-Bru!

Great Scot International, the sole US importer of Irn-Bru, are fans of the Scottish Ninjas™ and asked if we’d be interested in being brand ambassadors of Irn-Bru soda. It’s no secret that Lachlan, Aidan and Finn are true fans of Irn-Bru, and so are your humble creators… and not being ashamed of being total whores, we answered “um…Hell yeah!”

For those of you who don’t know, Irn-Bru (pronounced Iron Brew) is the #1 soda in Scotland (Coke being 2nd)Irn-Bru is sold throughout the United Kingdom and even the world.  Containing 32 fruit flavors, It’s a little hard to describe the taste, making it a truly unique drink.

A Scottish Ninja tip, (for those of legal age) add vodka as the magical 33rd flavor, and you have yourself a fantastic little bevvie known as a “Muscle-Man”!  Once you’ve tried it, it’ll come as no surprise that Irn-Bru is wildly popular in Russia. If it’s good enough for Putin, it’s good enough for us! Ok, we don’t really know if Vladimir Putin drinks Irn Bru, but for a guy that is a Kung-fu master who fights forest fires and tigers…how could he not drink the stuff?!

Irn-Bru is also legendary for it’s powers as a hangover cure, so what giveth also taketh away.

Irn-Bru’s innovative and sometimes controversial marketing campaigns make them a perfect fit with the comedy stylings of the Scottish Ninjas™

We’ll be highlighting some of ads on the site AND with our rather large cache of liquid delight, you can expect to see some Irn-Bru fueled prize packs available.

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