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Lachlan Model Sheet

When you see Lachlan from every angle, it leaves no doubt as to why the ladies love him.  What a sexy beast!  The mask doesn’t hurt either, as women love a man of mystery…with a command of the deadly arts.


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A Moment With A Scottish Ninja – Lachlan

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Say Hello To Lachlan!


Lachlan has the spirit of the monkey. He is agile and cunning.  He is a trickster and the master of breaking tension with the use of a joke. But only a Scotsman would most likely get the joke thanks to Lachlan’s extra thick accent. He may be the smallest of the group, but he is the most fearless. No danger is too big. If Lachlan is not on your side, you better keep close eye on him as he’ll dance circles around you before even have chance to strike. Lachlan never hesitates and is always three moves ahead of you. This fearless attitude makes him a real ladies man. The women love him almost as much as he loves Irn-Bru and Vodka (better known as “Muscle-Man”). But the fearless ones can also be the first to die.

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Background Art

Background Art BuildingScottish Ninjas™ images and all related characters are trademarks of and © Sly Studios, LLC.

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Finn Model Sheet

A Scottish Ninja is a lean, mean fighting machine!  Cut and rock-hard from every angle, thanks to a lifetime of training and dedication to the trinity of Scottish martial arts (ale, whiskey and scotch).  They are intimidating from all sides and  Finn is no exception.


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