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Find Us At PAX Prime!

If you are at PAX prime this weekend, keep an eye out for anyone wearing a kilt and a Scottish Ninja T-Shirt

If ya spot one of our ninjas, say “hi” and they’ll give you some fun new stickers made just for this event! 

Hope to see you there!




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Where In The World Is Kieron Elliott & The Scottish Ninjas?

Kieron Elliott is a busy man.  When he isn’t hosting Deadliest Warrior Aftermath, or voicing Lachlan, you can find Kieron off on new acting/hosting adventures that send him across the globe.  Such as his latest adventure hosting the “Whole Foods” webseries “Hungry For More”.  And where ever Kieron goes, so do the Scottish Ninjas!  Which is why we have started a new series of blog posts called:

“Where In The World Is Kieron Elliott & The Scottish Ninjas?”

We will periodically post a photo of Kieron at a new location sporting his Scottish Ninjas T-shirt.  Try and guess the location in the comments below (or via twitter or facebook).  And without further to do, our first photo!  Don’t worry, this first one is easy.

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You’ve been asking for it, and now ya got it!  Introducing! You’re official source for Scottish Ninjas merch!

Since the earliest days of Scottish Ninjas, we have been hounded, even threatened by fans asking if merchandise was available.

“Where can I get a t-shirt?!”

“I’d totally get a hoodie!”

“I’d do anything for a haggis fanny pack….and I do mean…ANYTHING!”

Now it’s all available for you at! (except the haggis fanny pack).  There you will find a bounty of Scottish Ninjas apparel, as well as a few specialty items such as hockey jerseys and vinyl stickers.  We will also be adding new products in the future, such as art prints and possibly character busts… maybe even lunch boxes…with an optional whisky thermos? The options are limitless!

So head on over to Kilt-Fu and take a wee peek under the kilt at the big load of goodies we have to offer!

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Scottish Ninja Approved!

We are starting a new series of blog posts here at Scottish

Along with our usual updates on all things Scottish Ninjas, we will also be doing something every now and then we like to call…


This is where we showcase things we share here at team Scottish Ninjas…We have a standing challenge to our group to find stuff that members think is cool; then pass it around. Maybe it’s because we know the creators, it shares our sense of humor, flair for the visual, or caters to various elements we deal with here at the show.  We will share it and tell ya what we liked about it.

Sure, it’s a glorified show ‘n tell…but as we all know, creative ideas really need to be shared.

So consider yourself part of the team and enjoy our very first SCOTTISH NINJAS APPROVED entry in the aptly titled:

“The Life Cycle Of A Good Idea”

directed and written by Steven Reedy of the creative collective, Zero Friends

What struck us about this short video is its use of intense, graphic and even comical violence to deliver a message…

That in our opinion is…  an idea is a very power thing, but making it a reality may be the most difficult feat you’ve ever attempt.  People will try to knock it down and steal it.  If that fails, they will attempt to destroy it and tear you apart in the process.  But as long as you hold on to your idea and never let go, you will prevail and possibly inspire.

Certainly not for the faint of heart but something we can definitely relate to.

Have a look… and let us know what you think.  Maybe you have a different take on this...

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Scottish Ninjas Goodies!

We have a new “Downloads” section on our website.  There you’ll find all sorts of free Scottish Ninjas goodies (not to be confused with the kind under the kilt.  That requires a paid subscription).

Right now we are offering Scottish Ninjas wallpaper for your desktop in two different styles.  As time goes on, we plan on adding more variety of things.

Feel free to leave a comment (or twitter us) with any requests for things you’d like to see in the downloads section.

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