Scottish Ninjas® Webisode – “Emergency Room Visit”

Hello Scottish Ninjas fans, the day has finally arrived!  The new cartoon short is finally here!

“After an epic ninja fight, the Scottish Ninjas are forced to visit an emergency room for the first time. Blood is spilt, cultures clash, and hilarity ensues.”

We’re proud to include the amazing voice talent of Kieron Elliott from “Deadliest Warrior/Aftermath” and “How To Train Your Dragon” as Lachlan!

So sit back, grab an Irn-bru, or something stronger, and enjoy their latest adventure!

And please, as always; our success is due to all of you, so we encourage you share this cartoon with your family, friends… heck even your enemies. So Facebook, G+, tweet, digg, email, write the URL on coasters at your local bar…whatever it takes.

If you haven’t already, read the web-comic prequel to this adventure!

Also for those of you at PAX in Seattle August 26th-28th, we’ll be there and find us for a free super special limited edition Scottish Ninjas Kilt-fu sticker. We also have a table in the artist alley during Seattle’s Jet City Comic con Saturday, Sept. 24th. So come by and say hi.

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Scottish Ninjas® Webisode – “Life After Death?”

Hello Scottish Ninjas fans…Well it’s Easter weekend!

We give unto you a sweet Easter-cream holiday haggis stuffed full of death, resurrection and unexplained miracles.  Which surprise, surprise…just so happens to be the same theme the Scottish Ninjas tackle in their new animated short, “Life After Death?”.

Which is why why we felt this weekend was a fitting time to officially release this new cartoon.

So sit back, grab an Irn-bru, or something stronger, and enjoy this dose of gratuitous violence and existential conversation…in kilts. ’cause it truly is Good Friday.

And please, feel free to share this video on your facebook & twitter…we’ve even added a button to help you make it happen!

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