Another Successful Year At Emerald City Comicon!

Once again, the Scottish Ninjas made an appearance at the Emerald City Comicon rockin’ the Utilikilts. But like true ninjas, we didn’t stay in one place for too long.  We were constantly sneaking up on people and inserting Scottish Ninjas stickers into their pockets or bags.  It wasn’t until they got home that they realized we struck! Look at this picture for example.   The photographer was taking rapid fire shots of Princess Mononoke and in one of the 25 photos, he captured the Scottish Ninjas in action.

Well played photographer!…well played.

You got lucky, punk.

Thanks to our training, many fans of the Scottish Ninjas were able to unlearn what they learned and redevelop their senses so that they could find us.  Their training was rewarded with stickers and photos.  Many of the artists there, with already heightened senses, knew when we were close and gave us either shout outs, or were quickly converted into fans of the cartoon.  One was famed Mad Magazine cartoonist, Sergio Aragones, who was so inspired by our deadly awesomeness, he tried to capture the moment before we were gone like the wind.  In the end, he amazingly captured our essence via a sketch of his long running character Groo The Wanderer in epic battle with Aidan The Scottish Ninja!

By the end of the comicon, we were tossing stickers like throwing stars.  Most landing in pockets and bags, some killing people.  Sadly, tis the collateral damage of self promotion.  Next year we hope to  have our own booth, where we can wait for the prey to come to us!

Until next year!

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