Scottish Ninjas® Webisode – “Life After Death?”

Hello Scottish Ninjas fans…Well it’s Easter weekend!

We give unto you a sweet Easter-cream holiday haggis stuffed full of death, resurrection and unexplained miracles.  Which surprise, surprise…just so happens to be the same theme the Scottish Ninjas tackle in their new animated short, “Life After Death?”.

Which is why why we felt this weekend was a fitting time to officially release this new cartoon.

So sit back, grab an Irn-bru, or something stronger, and enjoy this dose of gratuitous violence and existential conversation…in kilts. ’cause it truly is Good Friday.

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6 Responses to “Scottish Ninjas® Webisode – “Life After Death?””

  1. robert says:

    this video is private cannot view it

  2. robert says:

    now i can view it YESSSSSS

  3. William Maxwell says:

    Excellent! Or, as they may say in the far east; “excellente”?

  4. wallamazoo says:

    so, why haven’t I seen this on television yet? if people really don’t find this as hilarious as such a brilliant man as myself, then they need to join the morons writing CSI, and… eh, die.

  5. Christian says:

    That was great, but where can we watch / download / buy the pilot episode? It would be nice to see the story from the beginning.

  6. Beau says:


    We did make a 20 min pilot & produced dvd’s for festivals & promotions (w/clips online). But then we hooked up w/a prod. co. in LA that suggested we keep the pilot private so that we have exclusive content for meetings. But to be fair, the pilot episode wasn’t much of an origin story (other than the opening titles which are online) and we are actually rewriting about half of it to include a little more back story. But until then, we are releasing new webisodes like the one above. :-)